Add a traditional touch with a bathroom vanity cabinet

Bathroom furniture will quickly become your new best friend – bye bye clutter and awkward spaces, hello bathroom harmony! We take a look at traditional vanity cabinets that you can add to your bathroom for an instant refresh.

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800mm Melbourne Earl Grey Double Door Vanity Unit - Floor Standing

What’s all the fuss about traditional bathroom furniture?

If you’re not a fan of contemporary bathroom designs, traditional furniture is the way to go! Traditional design is calm, classic and easy to pair with contemporary influences too. Traditional bathroom furniture will probably have more emphasis on graceful curves and classically-styled handles and is often chosen for its timeless appeal as they are less likely to look dated in years to come. If you’re after more of a vintage inspired bathroom, traditional furniture could be just what you’re looking for.


Vanity cabinets are also a great addition to your bathroom as, not only do they look pretty, but they are great for storing your lotions and potions. Put the two together, and you’ve got a fab solution for any bathroom of any size or style! Just because the design is inspired by popular furniture during the 1700s and 1800s, it doesn’t mean that they are without modern features - the soft-closing door mechanism ensures that there are no damaging slams (which prevents annoying wear and tear!) whilst the stainless steel handles stop any potential rusting. It really is the best of both worlds!


600mm Loxley Chalk Vanity Unit - Floor Standing

Traditional Cream Bathroom Cabinets

Cream is an amazing combination of a neutral palette without being boring or harsh. If you’re wanting to kit out your whole bathroom with traditional furniture but don’t quite fancy having a full, white bathroom suite – cream is the answer! Plus, you can add whatever colour and/or texture wherever you like so the options are endless.

If you still aren’t sure whether a traditional bathroom cabinet is for you, we think our Loxley Chalk Vanity Unit (MV9000) may change your mind… The chalk colour ensures an elegant finish to your bathroom whilst the carved detail completes the period inspired look. The built in stone resin basin is provided with a single tap hole which will look perfect with one of our traditional mixer taps!

400mm Cambridge Midnight Grey Floorstanding Side Cabinet
400mm Cambridge Clotted Cream Floorstanding Side Cabinet
400mm Cambridge Midnight Grey Floorstanding Side Cabinet


Traditional Grey Bathroom Cabinets

Grey furniture is taking the design world by storm and now it’s ready to do the same to your bathroom. Grey bathroom cabinets are the perfect balance between injecting some design into your bathroom without making it appear smaller or dull. We also think they look pretty impressive and you can pair them with any colour or texture that you fancy!

Our Cambridge Midnight Grey Floorstanding Side Cabinet (MF2905) offers three layers of practical storage, comprising of door and drawer space. This makes it a functional and timeless piece for any bathroom design. Plus, the midnight grey is a slight twist on the standard traditional colour scheme without losing its identity as a traditional bathroom cabinet. This beautifully designed storage unit is engineered with everyday use in mind providing an elegant and traditional feel for your bathroom space.

If grey isn’t your thing, we’ve also got this gorgeous bathroom cabinet in Clotted Cream (Cambridge Clotted Cream Floorstanding Side Cabinet MF2904) Cream bathroom cabinets are basically traditional furniture royalty and you can match your whole bathroom to suit!



Tall Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Yes, you can have a tall bathroom storage cabinet that is beautifully traditional too! We’re all short on storage these days, but luckily, the solutions are easy to come by. Our Melbourne Grey Tall Storage Unit (MF1011) offers three layers of vast storage space which makes it both a functional and timeless piece at the same time. Just think of everything you can store in it – from shampoos and conditioners to cleaning products and children’s toys. If you can’t see the mess, it’s not there right?


Cambridge Single Door Mirror Cabinet - Marine Mist

Traditional Bathroom Cabinets for Storage

Another traditional bathroom cabinet that will look just superb in your bathroom while providing a lot of storage, is our Earl Grey Melbourne Tall Storage Cabinet (MF1014). If you love neutral palettes, Earl Grey is the perfect way to inject a traditional colour that has been refreshed to suit a modern home.

The phrase flat pack often puts fear into the inner DIY-er in you, but there’s no need to panic – promise. Flat pack furniture has lots of handy benefits as they’re cheaper to buy and easy to dismantle (not to mention transport!) Go on, get stuck in and hide all that junk you just can’t part with…


Traditional Wall Hung Bathroom Cabinets

We all know how amazing wall hung bathroom cabinets are, so why not choose one that has a traditional design too? A wall hung cabinet doesn’t take up any of your floor space, so small bathroom storage cabinets are great for bathrooms on the smaller side. While you’re there, why not go all out and experiment with colour a little bit? Our Cambridge Single Door Mirror Cabinet in Marine Mist (MC2904) is a beautiful hybrid between duck egg blue and sage green and complements this traditional bathroom cabinet amazingly. This versatile colour can be used on its own to highlight the traditional design or can be used alongside other bold colours for a more contemporary look.

Show me your vanity cabinets and bathroom cabinets!

We hope that we’ve shown you that traditional doesn’t mean boring! So, are you leaning towards traditional or would like to stick to a more contemporary design? Either way – we’ve got a wide range across both sides of the spectrum, so there’s no need to panic. Go and explore!