What style of bathroom furniture are you?

When you think of bathrooms, do you think of bathroom furniture? Nope? Then read our blog on bathroom ideas and what your bathroom furniture says about you!

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Before we get started, you should know that we have quite a lot of options and bathroom ideas at soak.com for you to choose from. We know that not every bathroom is the same shape, size, style and that different bathrooms have different purposes. Put simply, bathrooms are definitely not a one size fits all. (Or in other words, one style suits all!) Bathroom furniture can be anything from bathroom vanity units, bathroom wall cabinets to bathroom cupboards and bathroom drawers so the question is, what type of bathroom furniture are you?


What Type of Bathroom Furniture Are You? | soak.com


soak.com Zane Vanity Unit

You Are… Zane!

You’re slick, stylish and sophisticated – just like our Zane Vanity unit! You probably enjoy flicking through high end design and fashion magazines and you want to inject a bit of that into your bathroom design (or in Zane’s case – a lot!)

Zane is a staple piece for any urban pad as the walnut effect is bang on trend and combines texture and design to your bathroom. To complement the two generous drawers, this bathroom vanity unit features two removable bamboo dividers so you can organise your items without taking up any extra space. Zane is also great for busy mornings or rushed evenings when you need quick and easy access to your toiletries!

soak.com 400mm Denver Peppermint Green Right Hand Cloakroom Vanity Unit - Floorstanding

You Are… Denver Peppermint!

You’re fun, quirky and unique just like our Denver Peppermint! We bet you’re obsessed with Instagram and unashamedly love pastels and rose gold?!

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to add our Denver Peppermint vanity unit to your bathroom, pronto! Say ‘no!’ so standard bathroom vanity units and brighten up your space with a lush peppermint pop of colour. Whether it’s a cloakroom or an ensuite – we’ve got options for you either way! There’s no excuse now, is there…

soak.com 600mm Loxley Charcoal Countertop Unit & Camila Basin - Floor Standing

You Are… The Loxley Charcoal!

You’re elegant, traditional and a fan of all things classic – just like our Loxley Charcoal Unit! You probably love antiques, dark woods and deep, rich colours – which our Loxley can add to your own bathroom in an instant.

Loxley Charcoal is a traditional bathroom vanity unit that combines a blue/black tonal unit with a complementary oak effect top board. This match made in bathroom furniture heaven creates an elegant yet impressive piece for your bathroom that has been inspired by traditional furniture. Look closely and you’ll see a gorgeous cut out, almost embossed inspired, detail which mimics that lust worthy, period inspired look. Stunning, right?

soak.com Cambridge Traditional Clotted Cream Combined Vanity Unit & Wetroom Panel Suite - Belfort Pan

You Are…Cambridge Clotted Cream!

You’re laid back and a bit of a clean freak (deep down) so we reckon you’ll love Cambridge Clotted Cream! You’re a fan of keeping it simple and lean more towards traditional style than contemporary - but still want an impressive bathroom vanity unit at the same time.

Cream is an amazing combination of a neutral palette without being boring or harsh. If you’re wanting to kit out your whole bathroom with traditional furniture but don’t quite fancy having a full, white bathroom suite – cream is the answer! Plus, you can add whatever colour and/or texture wherever you like so the options are endless. The chalk colour ensures an elegant finish to your bathroom whilst the carved detail completes the period inspired look. Sound like a bit of you?

You Read My Mind! Now I Want New Bathroom Furniture…

Brimming with bathroom ideas? It’s the perfect time to browse through our bathroom vanity units and find one that suits you down to the ground. Now, off you go and have some fun…